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Fact or Fiction?

Fact or Fiction Cover

Marcus and his father host regular gatherings of like minded people wanting to explore the possibility of expanding human consciousness.

After a routine day, at the military research station, Marcus has an encounter with beings of a higher intelligence. Ensuing events allow him and his friends to experience elements of that existence.

When a meeting is disrupted by a malicious act causing a fatality, the police become involved. Marcus is forced to answer questions that he is unable to answer.

Hitch a ride with Marcus as he takes a journey that leads to a higher intelligence.

Available in paperback and ebook.


Imbroglio Cover

Imbroglio is a satire on the process of writing a novel.

Nic and Ruby have decided to become co-authors to write and publish a best-selling novel.

Nic wants their story to include sex and violence, high-speed car chases with a bloodthirsty ending. That's what readers want, according to Nic.

Ruby does not agree. She prefers a story with love and romance, with everyone living happily ever after.

Will they be able to settle their differences and get the novel published?

Available in paperback and ebook.

Grandma's Gift

Grandma's Gift Cover

A young girl is given a key from her Grandma for her ninth birthday.

She uses the key to open her Grandma’s secret cupboard.

Inside the cupboard, she finds an old jam jar with her name written on it.

The jar is sealed and appears to be empty.

The following night, when she goes to bed, the jar begins to glow.

Inside the jar, she discovers something wonderful and magical.

Available in paperback and ebook.

About The Author

Some years ago, driven by the urge to travel, I jumped in the car and set off to explore Australia. Over the next 22 years, my travelling took me primarily up and down the East Coast, from Kyogle in Northern NSW to Cairns in Far North Queensland. The journey incorporated a sojourn off the coast to Alice Springs and up to Darwin during the silly or “troppo” season. A total of 16 different residential addresses were recorded during this time, ranging from short term lodgings to relatively settled accommodation on rare occasions. It was a time of wonderful experiences filled with diverse and interesting people.

It was during this period my passion for writing evolved. Three novels were completed during those years, along with a number of short stories, a children’s story and the opening chapters of a further two novels. My first novel ‘Fact or Fiction’ was published in 2015. I then took time out from writing to study the process of book cover design and self-publishing. I published my second novel ‘Imbroglio’ in February 2017. Later that year, I also published my first children’s story called ‘Grandma’s Gift.’

I have forwarded the synopsis for Imbroglio to several websites that deal with movie ideas, and have received a few favourable responses that have requested the book to be adapted to screenplay format. As a result, I have spent time studying on-line courses dealing with movie script writing. I found the exercise was easier than I had expected, and enjoyed the challenge of trying something new.